As its name implies (les buissons = the bush) our place is surrounded with beautiful country. Nature is master here, plants and animals are countless and diverse. You'll be surprised!

Cows chill in the surrounding fields, Baghera the little black panther scouts surroundings, and a visiting horse dries after the shower while you enjoy a glass of cider in the shade...

The garden produces fruits and vegetables generously. These often end up in our plates or on our toasts...

... however we'll have to plow, plant, care, water and cook long hours to deserve it!

Fildou, lord of the neighbouring field sometimes invites his friends over for a hike in the country. This "fin gourmet" lives in a brand new box with a view on the kitchen garden's plantations.

Titus, man's best friend (but also his wife's), shares domain supervision with the cat. Its dearest dream is one day to catch a bird.

Countless plants and flowers decorate the garden all year around, season after season. Could you name them all?

In the back of our garden there is a pond with its own species. If you are quiet and patient enough you'll enjoy observing some of these.

One can also spot many birds of all sizes and colors.

To be continued...